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Mon - Fri: 9am - 7pm by Appointment

The following procedures are a requirement of the Maryland Department of Health in order for our clinic to resume operations at this time. Additionally, these procedural requirements help us to provide care that keeps you and our practitioners safe.

We know these new procedures may seem cumbersome at first, but we promise that you will still enjoy the same high level of care and support during your treatment as you have come to know us for at KMA.

Feeling overwhelmed? We’ve created a quick and easy “treatment preparedness checklist” that you can use prior to arriving for your treatment.

Appointment Pre-Screening

▪ A staff member will contact you via email or phone the day prior to your appointment to confirm and review the pre-screening requirements. You will receive your practitioner’s contact information for day-of service communication.

All patients must pre-screen themselves for respiratory illness immediately prior to leaving their home or office for their appointmentThis includes taking your temperatureYou will need to report your temperature to your practitioner and sign a pre-screening procedure form upon arriving at our clinic.

▪ Patients whose temperature is 100.4 or higher; have a dry cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell not related to known respiratory condition; or whom have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive or suspected positive person must cancel their appointments for the next 14 days or until your physician has ruled out COVID-19 as a cause of illness. Please notify your practitioner via text message immediately if you have any of the above symptoms. You will not be charged a cancellation fee if you must cancel due to respiratory symptoms.

Face Coverings Required at All Times, Comfortable Clothing Recommended

Patients and practitioners are required to wear a mask or appropriate face covering that covers both their nose and mouth at all times while inside our clinic. Your face covering may be temporarily removed if your practitioner needs to access a facial acupuncture point, and will be immediately replaced. At this time, patients must arrive for their appointment with their own face covering. Patients who arrive without a face covering will have their appointment cancelled and will be charged a $50 late cancel fee.

▪ At this time, we are discouraging our acupuncture patients from fully disrobing during treatment. Please come to your appointment with loose, comfortable clothing that can be rolled up or lifted to access acupuncture points.

Reduced Contact in the Office

▪ Human to human contact over prolonged periods of time is the primary source of COVID-19 transmission. The CDC considers human to surface contact and shortened human to human contact time to be low risk for transmission at this time, however a small possibility exists. KMA is committed to reducing transmission risks through rigorous cleaning methods and reduced contact protocols. We ask you to help us in this effort:

Only patients with a scheduled treatment are permitted inside our facility. Additional family and friends should stay home or remain in the car during your treatment. Members of the same household who receive treatment may be seen in the office at the same time – please contact your practitioner directly to scheduleUpon arrival at our clinic, you will notify your patient of your arrival via text message, and wait in your vehicle until your practitioner confirms she is ready for your entrance.

To decrease surface contact, your practitioner will open the clinic door for you. You will be asked to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before immediately proceeding to the treatment room. Your practitioner will turn the sink on and off for you and will close and open your treatment room door for you at the beginning and end of your treatment. What service!!!

▪ Though our bathroom facilities are available for emergency use, because these areas are in a high contact, public location within our building, we strongly recommend that you use your own toilet facilities before coming to your appointment.

We ask that you securely lock all personal items in your vehicle and bring only the absolute essentials, such as your keys, into the clinic. You will be provided a small tray for personal items that has been sanitized between each patient. Please leave your water bottle, food items, extra layers of clothing such as a jacket, and large bags or purses in your car.

▪ At this time, we will utilize a contactless payment system built into our online Schedulicity scheduling software. You will be asked to securely store a credit card on file the next time you book your appointment. This card holds your appointment and will not be charged until after your appointment. Once a week, our office manager Sally will send invoices and receipts for your deductible, copay, coinsurance, package price and any herbal supplement or essential oil products you purchased during your appointment.

▪ Questions about your invoice? Want to pay by check instead? Difficulty scheduling your next appointment? At this time, our office staff will not be in the office while patients are present in order to decrease human to human contact. Our voicemails will be checked on a less frequent basis, so please don’t hesitate to contact Sally via email with all questions:

Updated Cancellation Policy

▪ Due to the limited availability of appointments during the Phase One reopening schedule, there is a wait list for appointments. Therefore, out of courtesy to your practitioner and other patients, all cancellation policies will be strictly enforced.

▪ We ask that you cancel your appointments by the close of business the day prior to your scheduled appointment time. You may cancel your appointment via our online Schedulicity portal (24 hours in advance of your treatment), an email to, or a text message to your practitioner. Due to staffing limitations, please do not call to cancel.

Late-cancel and no show appointments will be charged a $50 fee to the credit card on file.

At this time, patients who arrive for their appointment without a required face covering will be sent home and charged a $50 late cancel fee.

▪ It is important that you do not come to our clinic if you have any symptoms of infectious disease or you have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive or suspected positive patient. If you are feeling ill, please immediately contact your practitioner to cancel. NO cancellation fee is charged for cancellation due to illness.

By scheduling a treatment, you acknowledge that you understand and will abide by these policies and procedures.

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