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In Chinese Five Element Medical Theory, September marks the transition into the Metal element. Gone are the muggy days of Late Summer, replaced by the crisp, clean air of Fall. Our lungs draw a deep, cleansing breath in as the heavy dampness in our muscles from Late Summer begins to drain.

We can especially feel this shift in energy in the early morning between 3 – 5 AM and 5 – 7 AM, the two hour times on the clock associated with the Chinese Organ systems that rule over Metal – the Lungs and the Large Intestines. Whereas last month, you might have felt like you were really dragging each morning, this month try setting your alarm for those early morning hours. You may find yourself rising more alert and with a certain crispness to your energy. This is a great month to try some early morning meditation around 5am. You will likely find that you feel more energy throughout the day when you are able to commit to at least 30 minutes of meditation in the early morning.

The Metal element relates to the respiratory system and the sense of smell. The smells of Fall can be a delightful treat, but the moldy Maryland weather may contribute to increased allergy symptoms and allergic rhinitis. This is the time to strengthen your immune system through routine acupuncture appointments and body work because untreated irritation and compromise of the respiratory system during the Fall months may leave you prone to colds and flu viruses in the Winter.

Our sense of smell is heightened during the Fall months, and stimulation of the olfactory cranial nerves has been proven to stimulate proper balance of our autonomic and hormonal regulatory systems. To celebrate Fall and prepare your body, mind and spirit for the coming of Winter, we have chosen specific essential oils for their therapeutic qualities to incorporate into both acupuncture and massage treatments this month.

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