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One of the most beneficial at-home strategies to reduce the spread of airborne droplets is the use of potent anti-viral essential oils.

Genuine essential oils are specialized plant extracts. The alchemical process of extracting the plant constituents through distillation strengthens and changes the therapeutic function of the plant, rendering essential oils more “drug-like” in terms of their effects relative to whole-herb extracts found in tinctures and herbal supplements. In other words, an essential oil is a concentrated extract that has been scientifically proven to disrupt viruses and bacteria.

Not all essential oils share these anti-viral properties. Some oils are better suited to stimulate or soothe the limbic system, thus working to regulate internal hormonal balance, optimizing health and reducing thoughts and feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression.

Scientists have identified that oils with high amounts of monoterpenes and 1,8 cineoleest have the most potent anti-viral properties. These are “fresh-pungent” scents that have a tropism or particular affinity for the Lungs and respiratory system such as Ravintsara, Saro, Cajeput, Niaouli and Narrow-leaf eucalyptus.

Other fresh pungents such as Rosemary have a much lower anti-viral property yet have been shown to stimulate healthy immune function, so that your “Wei Qi” is ready to protect you against illness.

We have written previous articles about the use of individual essential oils for respiratory health. We differentiated between the three types of Eucalyptus commonly available, as well as explored the use of Siberian Fir, Black Spruce, and Hyssop in supporting the Lungs. These articles can be found by following the links to our KMA health blog.

We have stocked up on these individual oils as well as certain EO blends specifically designed to combat viral illness. While these oil blends can be used by application in small amounts directly to the body, and even used in home-made cleaning sprays, we recommend that these be diffused or sprayed into the air using an ultrasonic diffuser or nebulizer. This method combats viral particles in the air and allows you to inhale the oils to support the mucus lining of your respiratory tract.

At Kunlun Mountain Acupuncture, we use essential oils from highly reputable Snow Lotus, a small producer owned by a fellow acupuncturist with more than 35 years experience and formal training as a medical herbalist! Snow Lotus’ products are USDA organic and responsibly sourced to produce unadulterated, artisanal, small-batch oils verified through independent third-party testing.

Our favorite Snow Lotus recommendations at this time include:

Vir-Away: a fresh, uplifting, invigorating blend that contains the strongest anti-virals mentioned above. It may also be used to sanitize and disinfect, like Microbe-X. Use Vir-Away in an ultrasonic or air-pump nebulizer to reduce the germ load in the immediate environment and to promote healthy, easy inhalation. This blend can also be used on a tissue or wet wipe to make a disinfectant wipe. Use freely for the hands and on all surfaces in the home and at work. Use liberally while traveling on buses, planes, trains, etc., to help keep surfaces clean, sanitary and germ free.

Immune Stim: A gently invigorating, pungent, fresh, green blend designed to support healthy immune functioning. Immune Stim contains a blend of oils targeted to kill viruses, oils targeted to strengthen immune function (Wei Qi), and lavender to help circulate that immune function throughout the exterior. Thinking of the castle analogy, Immune Stim helps to build a strong castle wall, assigns archers to that wall to defend against incoming invaders, and through the attention of the “lieutenant” assures that those archers are properly placed at intervals around the wall to assure there are no weak “links”.

Respiratory: is an invigorating fresh-conifer formula with expectorant, bronchorelaxant, mucus-resolvent and cough relieving actions. Respiratory is a versatile formula that can be extremely useful in a wide range of respiratory conditions. It can help open and decongest the sinuses, loosen phlegm in the bronchi, promote expectoration, promote free and easy deep breathing, and relieve cough and wheezing. Used by deep inhalation and topically, Respiratory can also provide long-term support to the lungs in most bronchial disorders and can promote detoxification to counteract smog and all forms of smoke pollution. It is a unique blend of both restorative and stimulating oils, and thus may be helpful with conditions of low energy, shallow breathing, chronic weak cough as well as acute cough with phlegm.

Eucalyptus Breeze: is blend of fresh and earthy fragrances; the smells of a eucalyptus patch after the rain. The anti-viral and anti-bacterial fresh pungent oils can be overly stimulating for some people. This formula balances the uplifting action of eucalyptus with cooling, grounding oils such as vetiver to stabilize and support.

Wellness Sampler Kits: Not sure which essential oil is right for you? Having trouble deciding between a few? Need a holiday gift that gives your loved ones the gift of good health at home? We have several different Wellness Sampler Kits available. Each kit comes in a decorative gift bag and contains four different essential oils with a instruction card that gives a detailed description of what conditions the oil is indicated for so that you know when and why to use each one.

  • Winter Wellness: This kit includes Immune Stim, Vir-Away, Sinus Clear, and Spirit Lift.

  • Woman’s Wellness: This kit includes several lovely oil blends that help to regulate and balance the endocrine system and HPA axis. In addition to brightening and smoothing mood, blends such as Adrenal Support and Moon Cycle contain immune strengthening oils that ease winter time sadness.

  • Lavender Sample: Containing four different types of lavender, this kit is good is good for relaxing the muscles and easing physical pain, relaxing the mind and brightening the spirit, and improving circulation throughout the body. This is a great kit if your hands and feet get very cold in wintertime.

  • Citrus Oil Sampler: Citrus oils help to brighten our spirits and focus our mind. They are the perfect support for your student trying to study at home this winter, and they help to alleviate that foggy headedness that comes with the winter blahs.

  • Sacred Flower Oils: Rose, Jasmine, Neroli, and Ylang Ylang warm our hearts and invoke the feelings of love and comfort even when we are feeling isolated from our loved ones.

  • Herb Garden: Don’t let the name fool you. These aren’t oils for eating! Oils such as Marjoram and Peppermint help to alleviate muscle spasms and pain throughout the body, while oils such as Rosemary and Thyme provide immune strengthening, anti-viral support.

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