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Description of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Services:

Annapolis Acupuncture Fire RoomNew Patient Comprehensive Evaluation (90 to 120 minutes): This treatment is recommended for patients who wish to address multiple conditions, conditions that have become chronic (ie. back pain from an injury that occurred 6 months ago or longer), or who have a history of complicated or significant health issues such as auto-immune disorders or oncology, etc.

This appointment includes a detailed review of your current and past health conditions, a 20 – 30 minute Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis, and / or other physical evaluations such as tongue or hara abdominal diagnosis that the provider feels is necessary to complete a comprehensive treatment plan.

The evaluation will be followed by an initial needle treatment. Your provider will discuss with you a detailed summary of findings along with a treatment plan that includes acupuncture follow-up suggestions, Chinese nutrition and herbal medicine coaching, and therapeutic exercise such as qi gong or yin yoga along with other lifestyle changes that will support your long treatment goal.

New Patient Acute Condition Evaluation (60 minutes): This treatment is recommended for patients who have an urgent, acute condition that requires immediate, short-term treatment such as a recent injury, pre or post surgical support, breech presentation of your baby, or labor induction.

We will briefly discuss your specific condition and any relevant health history that applies to it, followed by an initial needle treatment. Should you decide in the future to continue treatment beyond the acute condition treatment plan created by you and your provider, we offer a “transitional” evaluation appointment.

Follow-up Treatment (45 – 60 minutes): This treatment option is for established patients only. Your acupuncturists will briefly consult with you and conduct shortened diagnostic procedures such as pulse or tongue evaluation to determine treatment progress and make adjustments to your treatment plan as needed.

Services rendered during follow-up treatments may include the needling or application of herbal moxabustion and therapeutic essential oils on specific acupuncture points, cupping, gua sha, or Asian based manual therapies such as shiatsu, tuina, thai bodywork, or zero balancing.

New Patient Vacation Care Evaluation and Treatment (60+ minutes): This treatment option is for new patients who are already receiving routine acupuncture care from a provider outside of the Annapolis metropolitan area.

Whether you are visiting your relatives for the summer, on an extended vacation in our area, or just in town for a conference and need an emergency treatment, this service is for you.

Your acupuncturist will conduct a limited evaluation to check for medical contraindications or red flags, and will follow the treatment plan recommended by your current acupuncture provider. This treatment requires that we are able to contact your current acupuncturist prior to treatment and we are able review your providers prescribed treatment plan.

To book this service, please call our office so that we are able to gather all of the necessary paperwork from your current provider prior to seeing you in the office. Additional follow-up treatments will be billed at the “Follow-up Treatment” price.

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Acupuncture and Insurance:

acupuncture and insurance blue cross blue shieldAcupuncturists at Kunlun Mountain Acupuncture are in-network providers with Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and the Veterans Affairs Community Care Network. We will submit claims on your behalf directly to these insurers if your health plan includes acupuncture benefits. 

We can help you to determine what your acupuncture benefit is and whether it has condition or visit limitations.  You will be responsible for paying your deductible or co-pay / co-insurance at the time of service.

Acupuncture is currently not a mandated benefit in Maryland.  This means that while many health insurers, including the Maryland Health Exchange, may offer plans that include acupuncture benefits, it is up to your employer to choose one such plan.

Larger employers may offer you a choice of several plans that vary in monthly premium price. Typically, acupuncture is excluded from plans with lower premiums – in other words, you get what you pay for. 

We encourage you to ask your HR directors to choose plans that include acupuncture benefits. Unless they hear from you, they may not even know this benefit is important to you!

We have several affordable treatment options for those who do not have acupuncture benefits or who have exhausted their annual benefit limits and wish to continue treatment by paying out of pocket for our services.